28.06.2016 New Industry Reports

New Industry Reports for 2016


Hamburg, 28.06.2016 – Statista recorded an enormous growth during the past couple of months: Two new platforms have been launched in 2016, one new branch office has been opened and two of the existing ones have had their office spaces expanded. Although Statista is constantly reinventing itself, a strong focus always remains on the excellent quality and validity of our original products, such as the industry report.


On about 60 pages, a total of 80 Statista industry reports provide a detailed and extensive outlook regarding core factors and figures relevant to the respective industry.
Information on revenues, wages, companies and innovations are updated on a regular basis to ensure a reliable and easily understandable overview of recent and future developments of the respective market. SWOT analyses add even more solid information regarding chances and risks.


It therefore constitutes an efficient and time-saving data provider that enables you to assess markets or carry out benchmarks based on exclusive first-hand data. Statista clients value the comprehensive industry report, which is why our data experts have made it their priority to continuously update, check and amend the reports. The resonance so far has been huge: The mechanical engineering report alone has been accessed more than 30,000 times.