17.09.2016 The Best-In-Class Customer Service in Germany

The Best-In-Class Customer Service in Germany


Statista and TESTBILD have identified the companies, institutions, and service providers with the best quality of customer service across 240 industries.


Hamburg, September 17, 2016 – Waiting times, queues, forwarded calls; customers often need to have a lot of patience when contacting a company or a store with questions or complaints. No matter whether internet providers, mail-order companies, or banks, there is not one industry where no shortcomings in the quality of service could be found. There are, however, also those companies that place special emphasis on the quality of their service. Statista and TESTBILD have tasked themselves with identifying them. For this purpose, more than 20,000 respondents rated institutions, service providers and companies across 240 industries. Afterwards, the respective industry’s top three were listed in the ranking, from car rental companies to zoos.


The results of the survey are in fact quite surprising: in the category of mobile providers, for instance, blau was ranked top, thus beating industry giants 1&1 and Deutsche Telekom. The Hofbräuhaus München is in first place in the category of German bars & late night restaurants while the video platform Youtube provided the best quality of customer service among social media companies.


Ratings and reviews of more than 20,000 people were gathered in the course of an online survey. One criterion to be eligible to participate in the survey was that respondents must have had contacted the respective company/institution/service provider about an issue within the past three years. The rating used a clear 10-point scale from 0 (lowest quality) to 10 (best quality). The following three aspects constitute the core criteria of the evaluation:


  • Customer orientation assesses how quickly the service team reacts when contacted with questions or problems and how extensive the support given is
  • Competence relates to the informational value and helpfulness of the service response and the solution offered
  • Willingness to recommend specifies how satisfied the respondent was in general with the service provided


An extract of the ranking of some 100 industries can be found in the current issue of TESTBILD (out September 16, 2016). The entire list will be made available online at testbild.de/besterservice.