10.03.2015 Statista’s forecast model has been updated


Statista’s forecast model has been updated


The aim of the new market model is to provide an insight on the development of detailed sectors across several countries. Statista’s corporate customers have the possibility to check forecasts for about 400 branches worldwide. Statista analyst and developer of the model, Dr. Rebecca Newland, explains: “The advantage for customers is a consistent model for all countries and branches. The forecast is set on the latest trends for the next five years; the current forecasts are focusing on the years from 2015 to 2020.” For the perpetuation of historic data, two main drivers are used for the forecast models. Sectorial influence factors such as country-specific trends of the economy are compromised of a time series from 1985 right up to today. The information is based on industries and it is country-specific. For the illustration of general economic trends, the national output is regarded in percentile changes of annual comparison from 2008 to 2020.