02.08.2016 Statista continues to grow

Statista continues to grow


Hamburg 02.08.2016 – 2016 has already been a very eventful year for Statista – besides latest innovations implemented on the platform, it was not only Statista’s content that has been expanded vastly. At this time, Statista employs more than 350 people from several nations, has nine different country-specific editorial departments and six different branches located around the world. The office space of the headquarter in Hamburg has almost doubled over the last year. Statista therefore now spreads over five floors of the Johannes-Brahms-Kontor.

The one hundred years old comptoir has been the home of Statista for more than six years now. Back then, however, it was limited to just one floor. Thomas Schuh, Chief of Asset Management, says, “Statista has been one of our first commercial tenants and has remained here in the Brahms Kontor ever since 2010. We are very pleased with regard to the favorable development of its business.” The London office, too, has seen a rapid growth during the past three months. It moved its office spaces for a whole number of three times within six months in Covent Garden’s Hudson House.