Digital Economy Compass 2019

230+ slides about the Digital Economy

  • Data explosion: What drives the exponential growth, where is all the data stored, and what is it used for?
  • Artificial Intelligence: Economic potential, use cases, and investments
  • Funding & investment: From biggest funds to mega rounds and insane market valuations
  • Eight digital markets: Forecasts on eCommerce, Smart Home, and more


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Mankind faces the data explosion
  • The global amount of data will grow to more than 2,100 zettabytes in 2035
  • By 2020, the data is mainly stored in the cloud
Artificial Intelligence and the economy
  • 32% of all tech companies are already using Artificial Intelligence
  • By 2030, China's GDP is expected to increase by US$7bn due to AI benefits
U.S. are dominating the funding community but China is catching up
  • American unicorns were funded with more than US$100bn in 2018
  • The U.S. are home to half of all 334 unicorns - Germany is far off with only 9