11.01.2013 Statista Continues Growth – Opening of a Sales Office in New York City

Statista makes the leap across the Pond – US sales are now being managed from Broadway.


Hamburg, November 1st 2013 – The Hamburg-based statistics portal expands to the United States and has opened a sales office on New York City's Broadway. Under the direction of Statista's Managing Director and Hamburg native Manuel Mörbach, the sales team has set out to conquer the American market with the international platform.


Three years after the launch of Statista in 2008, in 2011, the platform was complemented with English-language content, specializing on data about the United States and China. Before, Statista's portfolio had been exclusively focused on German data. Parallel to the launch of Statista.com, Statista Inc. was founded, acting as a fully-owned subsidiary of the German Statista GmbH. Initially, an administrative office had been opened in New York City.

Three years later, statista.com is closing in on the German sister platform traffic-wise and accordingly, Statista's presence in American media is increasing. On a regular basis, Statista's infographics are now published by Mashable, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider.


Because of its ever-increasing profile and the substantial rise in visitor traffic to the U.S. site, Statista is bound to continue its course of expansion successfully in the future.