24.03.2016 Statista and Forbes have found them: America’s Best Employers 2016

Statista and Forbes have found them: America’s Best Employers 2016


The second edition of the successful ranking of America’s Best Employers is now available


New York, 24.03.2016 – A wholesaler, a technology company and an oil company: all of these can be found among the Top 3 of America’s best employers this year. But who made it to the very top? While last year it was Google that came in first place, this year the internet and search engine giant was awarded the silver medal and had to pass the cup to a surprise winner. Despite the stagnant oil and gas market, Americans voted for oil company Marathon Petroleum as the country’s best employer. Costco, last year’s runner up, was downgraded one rank as well, but still made it into the Top 3 for the second year in a row.


Due to last year’s resounding success, Statista and Forbes decided that it was time for a new edition of America’s Best Employers. This year’s survey interviewed 30,000 American employees extensively about their employers and asked to evaluate them. Just like last year, a particularly deciding factor was the willingness to recommend the employer to a friend or family member.


This year, the survey identified and awarded the 500 best large companies, i.e. enterprises with more than five thousand employees, as well as the 250 best medium-sized companies, i.e. enterprises with one to five thousand employees, within 25 different industries. New this year: the Top 250 medium-sized employers were ranked separately. The current winner can be found in the clothing sector: with a brilliant score of 9.50, L.L.Bean rose to the same evaluation level as Costco. L.L.Bean had already received good ratings in 2015, when employees voted their company into fifth place of last year’s America’s Best Employers ranking.


One of the especially noteworthy results of the survey is that large companies were generally rated more favorably than medium-sized ones. The ranking can also be seen as an indicator for the overall quality of American employers. Only one non-American company – novo nordisk - made it into the Top 15. While last year America’s most satisfied employees could be found in the construction industry, this year it is a sector from an almost opposite line of work that had the most satisfied employees in the land of opportunity: the IT industry.



The infographic below illustrates the 10 best employers of the United States: