30.04.2015 The new brand eins theme issue: Business Consultants

The new brand eins theme issue: Business Consultants
More than 15 000 business consultancies are based in Germany


Which consultant is the best choice for each task? Brand eins and Statista made it their job once again to identify the best consultancies for each branch by surveying the ones who know best: clients and consultants themselves. That’s how the second round of the largest and most comprehensive survey of its kind began. More than 1430 partners of consultancies and around 1500 executive managers from small, medium and large businesses took part in the survey to find the best consultancies in the country.


The judgement proved comprehensive once more: 278 consultants made it on to the leaderboard, which is divided into 13 branches and 14 task assignments. It quickly becomes apparent that the big names in the branch are getting competition. They have to share the leading ranking-positions with companies that were not represented in the ranking the previous year. The total amount of newcomers stands at twenty percent.


In addition to the ranking, there is a lot more to read about. The following is a key question: How can consulting work in a time where the demands of the customers are rising while the budgets are falling? How can short project durations and even more specific tasks be arranged? How is the consulting-market developing? And finally: who are the competitors in the market?