15.04.2016 Statista and Computer BILD identify Germany’s top 750 online shops

Statista and Computer BILD identify Germany’s top 750 online shops


Hamburg, 15.04.2016 - Around 98 percent internet users shopped online during the past 12 months. There are more than half a million online shops now and, unfortunately, there are a few black sheep among them. Where can users shop online without concerns and even enjoy good service? Statista and Computer BILD made it their task to find out and created a list of the best online shops.


In order to do this, a list of 8,725 online shops was adjusted to exclude all marketplace retailers, B2B shops, websites available only in foreign languages, shops selling digital goods exclusively and subscription services. All remaining online shops, that also reached a set minimal number of users, stayed on the list. The online shops in question were then analyzed in terms of criteria like organization & usability, trust & security as well as general shopping experience.


The result?


Once again, a number of well-known shops did not make it onto the list. For example, Bose.de did not provide users with enough options to change the details of their order, Playmobil.de turned out to be rather hard to navigate and Lacoste.de did not label their Buy-now-button correctly, so that it did not meet legal guidelines during the survey period.


In contrast to this, online shops like Hornbach.de, Fahrrad.de and Aboutyou.de were all especially positive examples.


750 shops awarded with certification mark


In total, Statista and Computer BILD identified 750 shops that provide online shoppers with a safe and user-friendly shopping experience. Of course, it should be easy for users to indentify these shops, which is why all of the best shops were awarded with a certification mark.


You can find the complete list of all top online shops in magazine Computer BILD issue 9/2016, available from April 16, 2016.