10.05.2016 Statista presents top strategies to increase conversion rates in German online shops


Statista presents top strategies to increase conversion rates in German online shops


For the third time, Statista investigated the incentives that are most likely to help different types of online shops convert visitors into customers.


Hamburg, 10.05.2016 – The e-commerce market is constantly growing and turning more and more lucrative every year. In 2016, German online shops are expected to generate revenues of more than 46 billion Euros. Even though this is an impressive sum, there are now over 500,000 online shops, each of which would like to secure the maximum possible share. So what are the reasons customers decide for one online shop over another? What factors are important to users and how do these factors differ from industry to industry? Have shopping behavior and consumer perception changed compared to last year? For all market players involved in the German e-commerce segment, Statista provides answers to all of these and many further interesting questions in a 370 page report.


Trust over promotion


Online retailers have various options that can be employed to increase the conversion rate of their website, such as offering certain payment methods or restructuring their landing page. However, not all methods are equally effective across all industries. Taking the whole market into consideration, the segments that most strongly correlate with higher conversion rates are website structure and usability, while the service and communication segments have less influence. And the most important factor from the point of view of consumers? First impressions – just like in real life. A layout that communicates trustworthiness is the most successful approach when it comes to increasing conversion rates.


Mobile optimization – an e-commerce must have


Mobile optimization plays a bigger role in the 2016 e-commerce industry than it ever did before. The nearly 4,000 online shoppers that responded to the survey rated shopping via mobile devices as 9% more relevant than in the previous year. This increase does not only add to a comfortable shopping experience but also leads to a higher chance of convincing customers to make a purchase, as a significant correlation demonstrates. And customers have been heard: the share of online shops offering a mobile optimized website nearly doubled compared to last year. By now, 75% of German online retailers offer their customers to shop via their mobile device, whereas only 43% of online shops had mobile optimization last year.


Awarded for excellence


Furthermore, transparent shipping conditions, detailed product descriptions and a properly and, more importantly, fast running website are the criteria that matter to online shoppers the most. The 750 best online shops were awarded with a certification mark. This should work in favor of all the winners, since the online shop study also revealed that the importance that online shoppers place on certification marks significantly increased compared to 2015.