09.09.2016 Statista and AUTO BILD Have Found the Best Automobile Repair Shops in Germany

Statista and AUTO BILD Have Found the Best Automobile Repair Shops in Germany


For months Statista and AUTO BILD have been gathering and evaluating information on and recommendations for German garages to find the best-in-class repair shops.


Hamburg, September 9, 2016 – Choosing the right repair shop for one’s car can be quite a hassle: What services does the garage offer? Am I being treated fairly and respectfully? And, most importantly, is the pricing appropriate? Answering these questions can prove challenging for non-specialists, who have to rely on the expertise of a master mechanic. Therefore, Statista and AUTO BILD have tasked themselves with creating a reliable overview of the best German garages enabling customers to base their choice of a specific one on facts instead of gut feeling. For this purpose, over 38,000 German automobile repair shops were assessed with regard to quality of advice given by mechanics, range of services offered and prices. More than 11,000 respondents who have made use of the services provided by a repair shop during the past two years as well as several thousand repair shops, which shared individual experiences or recommendations, assisted in finding Germany’s 1,000 best garages.


In addition to the core criteria, both staff friendliness and outward appearance of the individual shops were included in the evaluation. The background to this is that, for instance, especially the over-60s attach great importance to aspects such as cleanliness and tidiness of a shop. Overall grades from 1 (“Very Good”) to 6 (“Insufficient”) were given to determine the 1,000 best authorized and independent garages. All of them were then sorted geographically from north to south by postal code to facilitate the search for the best regional automobile repair shops.


You can find the entire list of the 1,000 best repair shops in the current issue of AUTO BILD (out 09/09/16).