09.02.2015 Statista and Capital Publish Ranking of the Best Employers in France

Statista and Capital Publish Ranking of the Best Employers in France


Statista and Capital released a ranking of the best employers throughout France, both unique and exceptional in scale. 10,000 employees were interviewed to find the 400 most appealing employers in France.

Hamburg/Paris, 09.02.2015 --- Statista recently published the German employers study successfully for the third time. In cooperation with French magazine Capital, Statista has now completed the best employers in France ranking for the very first time. With an independent survey of over 10,000 French employees, it has turned out to be the biggest survey of its kind so far in France.

Employers with 500 plus employees from 25 branches were considered. From more than 1,600 French companies covered, 400 were honored as the best employers in France. The primary criterion in this case was the willingness of employees to recommend their own company or other employers in the same branch. In addition, the participants answered a survey of 30 questions regarding the working environment and conditions.

L´Oreal was named the top French employer, with Airbus second and Procter & Gamble completing the third place on the podium. French and American companies are well represented in the upper echelons of the rankings with German firms proving elusive. Compared to the German edition of the Best Employer ranking, car manufacturers are not as common. The first company involved in the automobile industry (Michelin) is positioned 69th. Generally, the top rankings in France are dominated by cosmetic companies.