05.10.2016 Statista Introduces Exclusive New Consumer Market Outlook - Everything There Is to Know About Consumer Markets

Statista Introduces Exclusive New Consumer Market Outlook - Everything There Is to Know About Consumer Markets


HAMBURG ­– October 05, 2016 – This October Statista introduces the new Consumer Market Outlook (CMO) which offers decision-makers and planners quick access to quantitative facts on the key markets of the consumer goods industry. Statista is one of the world’s largest statistics portals on the internet that primarily compiles and aggregates statistical data and information from many institutions and sources. With the introduction of both the CMO and its counterpart, the Digital Market Outlook (DMO) introduced in autumn 2015, however, Statista sharpens its profile as a reliable primary source for economic, academic and all other types of research. Therefore, this comprehensive new section on the platform focuses on the distribution of Statista’s own content (e.g. findings from its own surveys, exclusively determined KPIs or specially prepared market forecasts and reports).


In the course of the CMO Statista portrays the key data pertaining to the consumer goods industry based on information from official publications on production, commerce and consumption as well as surveys performed by associations and market research institutes. In addition, the international team consisting of sixty experienced market analysts and researchers conducts its own surveys to better map trends in consumer behavior. The result is a consistent model of the key markets of the consumer goods industry which furthermore offers the possibility to draw international comparisons or carry out market potential analyses and which provides insights into the development of different market segments. The 10 most important international consumer markets featuring 70 product categories are portrayed over the course of the past five years including forecasts with regard to the period up to 2020. The categories examined are as follows: alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, hot drinks, food, tobacco products, home and laundry care, cosmetics and personal care, tissue and hygiene paper as well as clothes and footwear.


Statista’s CMO, which includes exclusive market data and charts presented in a visually appealing way, will be updated on a regular basis. In addition, Statista will constantly publish reports on select markets. An initial study carried out for the CMO was, among other things, aimed at identifying “Europe’s Top Ten Coffee-Drinking Nations”. You can view the results in the infographic below.