01.02.2017 IDenTV to provide U.S. TV Ad Data to Statista

 IDenTV to provide U.S. TV Ad Data to Statista


San Francisco, CA, 2017 - iDENTV and Statista are excited to announce a data partnership agreement. According to the agreement, IDenTV will provide Statista with TV advertisement data on a quarterly basis, focused on 7 specific industries. IDenTV is a leading computer vision and artificial intelligence company with state of the art video detection and content recognition technologies. Born out of work for the US Defense and National Security space analyzing big data in video, IDenTV has now brought its offerings to the commercial space, especially the Marketing Technology sector.


IDenTV now monitors over 160 national network channels in the US (along with local DMA coverage in the US and channels in Europe and the Middle East) for advertisements and content which it has the ability to detect and report on in real-time. Further, IDenTV has developed technology that automatically cuts new ads directly from a live TV stream and puts those ads in its database. This allows IDenTV to track the latest ads on TV.


Statista is one of the world’s leading online statistics portals. Statista provides its’ users access to data across all industries, sourcing from market and opinion research institutions, as well as from business organizations and government institutions with dedicated platforms in German, English, Spanish and French. As one of the world’s most successful statistics databases, the platform includes over 1,000,000 statistics on over 80,000 topics from more than 18,000 sources.


TV advertising has remained a black box around the world. Getting quality data on what ads ran and where, especially in real-time, has not been possible until now. In turn, Statista will be harnessing a unique data set available to Statista subscribers through their online statistics portal, Statista.com.


“One of our main goals at IDenTV is to make TV advertisement data actionable for the first time,” said IDenTV CEO, Mohammad Shihadah. “For the longest time, brands and marketers have had almost no visibility into their TV spend, and have never been able to receive TV data in real-time with a video-verified clip of how the ad was actually broadcasted. Working with a leading global data and analytics company like Statista, gives us the ability to share our data with a large audience and show people that meaningful TV ad data can now be found.”


Friedrich Schwandt, CEO of Statista stated “Our partnership with IDenTV places us ahead of the curve as IDenTV leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide an unparalleled solution for Video Big Data analytics. As Statista continues to grow, reliable data partners, such as IDenTV, add a significant value to our platform by providing timely, accurate and scalable video insights.


The reports will be available on via Statista starting April 2017.




iDENTV is a technology company that has developed state of the art video detection, content recognition, and video processing technologies. Based in San Francisco, and led by CEO and chairman Mohammad Shihadah, the company was recently selected as one of the top five Artificial Intelligence companies in the DC area by Booz Allen Hamilton and Tandem National Security Innovations.