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10 mars 2022
Digital Economy United States

In this recorded webinar from March 2022 Ann-Kathrin Kohl, Team Lead Consumer Insights, uncovered the latest digital trends, impact of COVID-19 and consumer reactions in the U.S.

 The United States is the world’s leading economic power. Although China has challenged the country’s economic and technological dominance over the last two decades, the U.S. remains at the global forefront by a wide margin. Especially with regard to the digital revolution, the U.S. has been and remains a trailblazer that keeps expanding the digital economy both domestically and abroad. Far from the slowing down this trend, COVID-19 immediately became an unstoppable force of digitization and propelled unprecedented growth to digital businesses, changing the way we conduct our lives.

The webinar covers:
• Digital trends in the United States
• Impact of Covid-19 on the digital economy
• Rapid expansion of digital services and players
• Consumer trends and behavior in the times of change

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

17 février 2022
Data in Telco

In this recorded webinar from February 2022, Florian Hollender, Partner at nxt statista and Philipp Auer, Director at nxt statista, will share interesting insights about “Data in Telco”.

Telecommunications providers ("telcos") move the world's data streams - from local phone calls to international networks. The global data volume is growing rapidly, both due to changes in media usage and increasing interconnection of machines and infrastructure. New technologies such as 5G are reinforcing this trend. At the same time, telcos face extensive regulation and more often find themselves in direct competition with hyperscalers such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft. Are telcos therefore only the "dumb pipe", the water carriers of the data-driven economy? Or can telcos also create value from data themselves?

In the webinar Florian Hollender and Philipp Auer will give you an overview of...
• the key trends that result the explosion of telcos' data volumes
• the different data sources that telcos can draw from - and the challenges in realizing them
• concrete examples and business models of how telcos can generate additional value from data.

At the end of the webinar, Florian Hollender refers to the question: What would you say are the top 3 things Telco companies need to focus on in 2022?

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

3 février 2022
State of eCommerce in 2022 - Similarweb and Statista

In this recorded webinar from February 2022, Mackenzie Cahill, Director of Industry, Retail & CPG from Similarweb and Tim Risse, Head of Sales eCommerce from Statista shared some insights on the state of E-Commerce in 2022.

eCommerce is evolving quickly, with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating further eCommerce adoption. Even with the return of in-store shopping, eCommerce is here to stay, and shoppers are buying everything online. Statista and Similarweb teamed up to bring you actionable eCommerce insights. Within the webinar we covered the following topics:

-          How is COVID-19 transforming the eCommerce sector for both big-box and independent retailers?

-          What are the current traffic, engagement, and revenue benchmarks in the space? (Shown on the example of a fashion company)

-          What does the return of in-store shopping mean for eCommerce ahead?  

-          What trends should you anticipate in 2022? 

At the end, our speakers answered the following questions: What other changes has COVID had on consumer behavior? Does it make sense to continue investing heavily in eCommerce activities and eCommerce marketing? And a question about eCommerce growth in Europe for players in other industries.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to webinars@statista.com.

Durée 45 minutes

Langue Anglais

27 janvier 2022
The Cryptoverse - cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream

In this recorded webinar from January 2022, Raynor de Best, Specialist Expert in Financial Services & Real Estate, provided interesting insights on " The cryptoverse- cryptocurrencies becoming a mainstream".

Cryptocurrencies, whilst not new, reached a new level of popularity in 2021 and increasingly got the attention of mainstream audiences across the world. NFTs accelerated this further, as they provide "real world" applications for these digital coins. One of these applications, the metaverse, could continue to grab headlines in 2022, along with China releasing its own digital currency during the 2022 Winter Olympics as a response to unregulated cryptocurrencies. During the session Raynor will go through the historical development of the cryptoverse, and focus on:

• Cryptocurrency adoption and trading across the world
• Who are the people using these decentralized digital coins?
• NFTs, a way to spend accumulated cryptocurrencies
• Business activities inside Decentraland, a metaverse powered by crypto and NFTs
• An outlook on digital currencies from central banks

At the end of the webinar, Raynor de Best shared his thoughts about why the world needs a metaverse and answered the question about how much capital flows through anonomous blockchains.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

9 décembre 2021
Diversity in the workplace: How promotion of diversity influences employee satisfaction – a study across Europe

In this recorded webinar from December 2021 Hubertus Bitting, Chief Commercial Officer and Member of the Management Board and Silke Giesler, Senior Director Industry Analysis, shared interesting insights about “Diversity in the workplace”.

Within the last years the awareness on diversity increased strongly and affects all areas of life. Companies worldwide strive to foster diversity and inclusion practices, however, the initiatives are often in their early stages, and it is difficult to evaluate whether these initiatives show positive effects on employee satisfaction and whether diversity and equality in the workplace are really implemented in the organizations.
Statista has performed extensive surveying among more than 100,000 employees worldwide on diversity in numerous countries to measure the status of diversity and inclusion in companies and the effects on employee satisfaction.

Against this background this webinar offers:
• a quantitative analysis of how strongly the different aspects of diversity, e.g. ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation, influence employee satisfaction as well as the perception of a company’s general attitude towards promoting diversity and equality
• a comparison of selected European countries, e.g. Germany, UK, France, Poland, how strong employees perceive equality regarding gender, ethnicity etc. being implemented in their companies
• a detailed analysis of employees' perceptions of companies' progress on all aspects of diversity, thus providing an inside view of company policies regarding diversity.

At the end of the webinar Silke Giesler answered questions about the size of the companies, which were surveyed in the study. In addition to that there was another question about the setting of the study, regarding the groups of employees which were asked and if there are also data for the US.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

2 décembre 2021
Digital Economy in the Asia-Pacific region

In this webinar recording from December 2021 Volker Lorenz, Director Research APAC, gave insights into the Asia-Pacific region's digital economy in a 30-minute webinar.

The Asia Pacific region is home to some of the largest e-Commerce markets on earth. Exploring 5 key markets (China, India, Australia, Japan, South Korea), the Digital Economy APAC webinar will take viewers through a data filled overview of the current and future e-Commerce industry. The webinar is focussing on the following topics:

• Digital environment
• Unicorns
• Impact of Covid-19
• Growth and development
• Key players

In the question section at the end of the webinar, Volker Lorenz answered the question why Tmall not displayed in the e-merchant ranking.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

18 novembre 2021
The Future of Data in Digital Advertising

In this recorded webinar from November 2021, Oliver von Wersch, Partner and Member of the Executive Board at nxt statista, provided interesting insights on "The Future of Data in Digital Advertising".

Digital advertising is currently experiencing an upheaval, triggered by data protection regulations. Oliver von Wersch outlined strategic fields of action that companies being active in digital marketing, might enter. In doing so, he took a deeper look at current and future consumer attitudes and behavior towards advertising.
During the session Oliver von Wersch focused on the following questions:
• What are the current regulatory threads in Digital Advertising?
• What changes will these regulations induce for the usage of personalized data?
• What is an appropriate strategy for companies acting in Digital Marketing to secure the future of data-driven activities?
• Which building blocks in consumer attitudes can be identified towards Digital Advertising?

In the question section at the end of the webinar, Oliver von Wersch answered questions about anonymous users and his opinion on what constitutes real consent.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to webinars@statista.com.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

28 octobre 2021
Grocery delivery is growing faster than ever before

In October 2021 the recorded webinar concentrated on grocery delivery. This e-commerce sector is growing faster than ever before. For sure one reason for that is the Covid-19 pandemic.

Initially, a relatively underdeveloped part of the eCommerce market and sheltered from digital disruption, the grocery delivery industry has boomed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today grocery delivery platforms are investing billions to promote their businesses. Competition among traditional brick-and-mortar grocery stores is fierce as they develop their online selling capabilities and grow their user base in order to benefit from the increasing demand for food delivery services.
Christoph Blumtritt, Team Lead Digital Market Outlook, will give insights into the flourishing grocery delivery industry. The 30-minute webinar focused specifically on:

• Development of the general e-commerce market
• Innovation examples along the value chain
• The grocery delivery segment and the boom in business models
• On-demand grocery delivery
• Obstacles for the segment in the future

In the end, Christoph Blumtritt addresses the questions of how the industry is moving forward in terms of sustainability and climate positive delivery.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

23 septembre 2021
The Landscape of Companies – a global perspective

Within this webinar, which was recorded in September 2021, Dr. Friedrich Schwandt, founder and CEO of Statista is focusing on the importance of a deep understanding of global market and company landscapes for companies. Whether they want to explore investment opportunities, diversify their business, or understand regional or international economic areas – data provides the required basis.

The 30-minute webinar focuses specifically on:
• Most relevant companies around the world
• Drivers for sustainable business and competitive advantages
• Benefits of data for your company

In the end, Schwandt answers questions such as ”Will the future be one person companies?” and, for some questions, refers again to his comparison of elephants and unicorns, which he explained in more detail during the webinar.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

19 août 2021
European Football Benchmark 2021 – fan insights from around the globe on the big five European leagues

This webinar was recorded in August 2021 and deals with the changing football sector. Political and social issues are influencing the sport, commercial interest in the ever-growing market is increasing, and the recent pandemic shook beloved clubs worldwide. We let the fans have their say on the state of football today.

Nicolas Loose, Director Market Research, and Jack Spearman, Research Manager, presented key insights from the European Football Benchmark 2021, a worldwide survey among fans.

The 30-minute webinar focused specifically on:
• Relationship of politics and football
• Post-pandemic sports events
• New approaches for sponsors

In the end, Spearman answered the question why more fans want to visit the stadium after the pandemic than before.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

22 juillet 2021
Data in Healthcare

This recorded webinar from July 2021 points out the importance of the significance of data usage in medical research and healthcare. Apart from the pandemic, what further potential can the proper handling of data bring to the health sector?

The importance of data in medical research and healthcare has been on everyone's lips at least since the Covid-19 crisis. Amongst other things, this webinar sheds light on what data is needed for the various use cases in healthcare, where this data is obtained, what business models are associated with it, and how these are influenced by data protection requirements.

Thilo Löwe, Managing Director LSP & nxt Statista, and Philipp Thiele, Director LSP, were talking about:
• Market drivers of “data in healthcare”
• Data sources and challenges in data acquisition
• How to capture value with data in healthcare

In the end, Thiele answered the question of whether the EU has plans to introduce a common electronic patient record.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

23 juin 2021
Digital Economy France

In June 2021 this webinar was recorded and covered the topic ''Digital Economy France''. France is among the top five economic forces in Europe. Covid-19 had a strong impact on the current digital trends of this country. For example, the e-commerce sector is growing significantly.

Where exactly is this current upswing taking the country’s digital economy? 

Nelly Dux, researcher Internet & e-commerce, gave insights into France’s digital economy in a 30-minute webinar.

The webinar covers:

• Digital trends and e-commerce in France

• Key players and national competition

• Impact of Covid-19 on the digital economy


Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

17 juin 2021
Smart Cities

''Smart Cities'' was the topic of our webinar in June 2021. The idea of a smart city is basically designed to improve the quality of life and increase the efficiency of an urban area. The question is: where do we currently stand on the road to fully developed smart cities?

There are dozens of ways to define the complex idea of smart cities and their diverse goals.

During the recorded 30-minute webinar, Arne Holst, Lead Research Technology & Telecommunications at Statista, provides insights into the topic of smart cities. Participants get insights into topics such as:
• Outlook for the smart city segment
• Key players in the market
• Benefits of smart city solutions

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

20 mai 2021
Smart Mobility

The recorded webinar from May 2021 focused on Smart Mobility. The general way in which we move people and goods today is deeply flawed. Therefore, traditional mobility concepts need to be transformed to make transportation cleaner, safer, and more efficient.

Faced with climate change, congested cities, and accident fatalities, the way we transport people and goods must change drastically. Smart mobility explores ways to tackle these challenges by making transportation cleaner, safer, and more efficient.

During the 30-minute webinar, participants get insights into the following topics in particular:
• Aspects of smart mobility that contribute to more sustainable transportation
• Exclusive data on the electric vehicle and autonomous driving markets
• Impact of Covid-19 on the transportation sector

In the end, our speakers answer the question if the electric vehicle sales numbers are for full-electric only, or if they also include plug-in hybrids. Terfehr also answers the question of whether people still take good care of their cars.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

22 avril 2021
Software is also eating the B2B World

In this recorded webinar from April 2021 the advantages and disadvantages of software were discussed. Software is not new, neither is it as established as it could be in the B2B world.

Software is everywhere. In various shapes and forms, such as apps, clouds, and data, software is enabling innovative breakthroughs in the business world. Eight of the ten most valuable companies are B2C software-driven companies. Going forward, more and more B2B industries will also be disrupted by software.

Peter Kautz, Managing Director at Statista Q, gives detailed insights into the impact of software on the B2B world in this 30-minute webinar. Among other things he focused on:
• Digital acceleration through AI, Big Data and 5G
• Workforce transformation
• Changes in B2B business models

At the end of the webinar, Kautz goes into detail about the possibilities of monitoring employees' work effectiveness in remote work.

Durée 30 minutes

Langue Anglais

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