Smart Mobility – cleaner, safer, more efficient

In this webinar recording from June 2022, Dr. Maria Andrades Sanchez (Team Lead Mobility Market, Country & Industry Outlooks) tackled the hot topic of ‘smart mobility’ and why you should understand and care about it.

The core of the presentation is interesting data points related to electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and shared mobility concepts. To make it more tangible, she will break smart mobility down into the components ‘cleaner’, ‘safer’, and ‘more efficient’.

In the webinar Dr. Maria Andrades Sanchez will focus on the following questions:

·         How will the future of transporting people and goods look like?

·         How do passenger cars as largest levers affect the sustainability of our future mobility?

·         Can the massive impact of the pandemic be an opportunity driver for accelerating change?

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15 juin 2022
30 minutes


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