Définition Abduction

In this process, a theory is derived from a (surprising) observation so that the observation’s truth can be proven. For example: the fact that large masses (like planets) divert light rays is found to be generally surprising. Yet, according to the laws of physics, large masses pull small masses (gravity). Here is the resulting abduction: light rays have mass. See also deduction and induction. Abstract formula: The fact F is observed in a surprising fashion. But when the scientific rule R is true, then the fact F is considered understandable – there is a reason to believe R is true.

Les définitions de notre encyclopédie sont des explications simplifiées de termes. Notre but est de rendre ces définitions compréhensibles pour un large public. Par conséquent, il est possible que certaines d’entre elles ne soient pas entièrement à la hauteur des standards scientifiques.